Webinar SOC-as-a-Service

Cyber Security
July 2020

Security issues or breaches are challenging to avoid. To prevent or minimize impact, Dilaco & Tech Data aspire to fill the SOC-as-a-Service gap in the Belgian IT market.

What you will learn

• 10h30 – 10h40: Our vision with SOC-as-a-Service (by Jeff de Kleijn, CEO)
• 10h40 – 11h00: What is SOCaaS? (by Wim Kretzers)
• 11h00 – 11h20: What’s the importance of SOCaaS for companies? (by Christophe De Coster)
• 11h20 – 11h30: Q&A


Jeff de Kleijn / Christophe De Coster / Wim Kretzers


6th August 2020 from 10:30 AM tot 11:30 AM


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