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When it comes to IT, your organisation faces many challenges: rapid technological developments, a tight labour market, competition that does not stand still… We can imagine that, within this field of tension, it is not always obvious to let your IT organisation evolve in line with your company’s ambitions. Dilaco helps your company by thinking along with you and by providing IT experts you really need.


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Competitive advantage increasingly depends on technology and data. Data helps businesses to make better decisions, solve issues, monitor performance and improve processes. To achieve this, businesses need performant and secure applications and systems. That’s where Dilaco’s consultants come in: to advise and assist on building these applications. To set up secured systems. To provide consistent data. In short, Dilaco Consulting wants to help its customers to stay ahead of the competition.

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Working with Dilaco is like eating a top dish. The fruity mix of challenges, positivity, communication, trust finished off with a dose of humour makes contact a pleasant event time after time

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Infrastructure Services

1. Infrastructure management

The main purpose of your IT infrastructure is to minimize downtime and maintain business productivity. In order to achieve this, Dilaco’s experts assist you in providing structure and control of diverse technical operations, in both physical and virtual environments.


2. Helpdesk and technical services

Software Management comes with a cost. Application packaging can help you reduce these costs by streamlining software configuration and deployment. Dilaco delivers specialists to assist you managing growing software volumes for desktops and server systems efficiently.


Software Development

Finding custom software, unique to your business is a difficult task. That’s why Dilaco helps you further with custom-made business software in order to stay up-to-date and to be able to grow along with the constant evolutions. Dilaco has the expertise in developing custom software for the specific needs of your company.

1. Application development

Dilaco specializes in application development or the creation of computer programs for the various tasks within your company. Our applications help to automate your business processes and increase business efficiency.


2. Front-end & back-end development

Our Front-End Developers take care of the unique experience of your company and make sure that your application is part of your identity. Back-End Developers, on the other hand, are the backstage of your successful application. They work on the quality and sustainability of your applications through digital architecture and problem-solving thinking.


3. Web development

A decisive website or an online platform are the basis for digital success. Dilaco ensures that your online platforms work quickly and get a responsive web design for all screens. This is about a balance between graphic design and ease of use.


4. Mobile development

The digital age foresees not only an evolution in technologies, but also in devices. Think, for example, of the smartphone with a smart watch. Mobile devices are now firmly in our hands thanks to the enormous range of apps on offer. As a company it is important to be present with your customers and employees and to build a unique and simple user experience. Our Dilaco designers offer mobile developments for all platforms relevant to your business.


Cloud And Grid Computing

The digital transformation contributes to the creation of new business processes to evolve with the changing demands of the market. It’s about smart applications for your business management and making your organization future-proof by optimizing sustainability.

1. Grid computing

Grid computing enables you to connect different servers, computers, storage systems and networks into one large system to solve complex technical issues. Grid computing can filter huge amounts of data and provide a more stable IT environment, for organizations that need a high level of data integrity and security combined with very fast access to information across thousands of data repositories.


2. DevOps

Developers code the software and operational experts implement the business systems… These times are over. The pressure from the developers is passed on to the operational team to monitor new applications. This leads to a DevOps team, consisting of software developers, quality managers and operational experts with a common goal: making the project a success together. At Dilaco, you benefit from experts with multidisciplinary skills to integrate the DevOps approach within your company.


3. Cloud services

By using a unique and appropriate cloud solution for your organisation, you are always prepared for new developments in innovative technologies and enjoy reliable security. Dilaco takes the time to understand the specific requirements of your organisation and to guide you in the design of your intelligent cloud solution. In addition, you can count on knowledge of software, infrastructure and security.


Cyber Security


Security issues or breaches are challenging to avoid. Adequate awareness, prevention and response are key to prevent or minimize impact, Dilaco will identify risks and scenario’s together with you.

- SOC-as-a-Service
- Security Assessment: Vulnerability & Maturity Assessment
- Security Awareness Program
- Security Awareness-as-a-Service

Data Integration & AI: Embrace Your Data


AI makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adapt to new inputs and perform human-like tasks. These technologies collect large amounts of data that are processed and in which patterns are recognized.

The data your company receives is often located in different data sources. It is therefore a technical challenge to merge multiple data sources into a single entity within a single structure. Our data specialists are trained in analyzing, identifying, visualizing and communicating data to optimize decision making in your organization. Dilaco's data scientists are specialised in one of the following areas: AI & Machine Learning, Big Data, IoT and Blockchain.

ICT Topics

Get to know our ICT-topics, interesting for any company. Below, we summarise the most relevant and latest ICT facts.

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